Repacking the printer

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Repacking the printer

If your printer needs to be moved or shipped to another location, perform the following procedure to repack the printer.


Shipping damage as a result of inadequate packing is the customer’s responsibility. The printer must remain upright during shipment.

To repack the printer


It is extremely important to remove the print cartridges before shipping the printer. Print cartridges left in the printer during shipping will leak and entirely cover the printer engine and other parts with toner.

To prevent damage to the print cartridge, avoid touching the roller, and store the print cartridge in its original packing material or so that it is not exposed to light.

  1. Remove all four print cartridges and ship separately.

  2. Remove the optional Tray 3 and ship separately.

  3. Use the original shipping container and packing material, if possible. If you have already disposed of the printer packing material, contact a local mailing service for information about repacking the printer. HP recommends insuring the equipment for shipment.

HP 3550 3700 Repacking the printer