Basic troubleshooting checklist


Basic troubleshooting checklist

If you are experiencing problems with the printer, the following checklist can help identify the cause of the problem:

  • Is the printer connected to power?

  • Is the printer on?

  • Is the printer in the Ready state?

  • Are all necessary cables connected?

  • Are any messages displayed on the control panel?

  • Was a genuine HP supply installed?

  • Were recently replaced print cartridges installed correctly? Was the pull tab on the cartridge removed?

  • Were recently installed supply items (image fuser kit and image transfer kit) installed correctly?

If you cannot find solutions to printer problems in this guide, see for the HP Color LaserJet 3550 series printer and for the HP Color LaserJet 3700 series printer.

For additional information on installation and setup of the printer, see the Getting Started Guide for this printer.

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HP 3550 3700 Basic troubleshooting checklist