CMYK ink set emulation (PostScript only)


CMYK ink set emulation (PostScript only)

The printer’s color rendering of CMYK can be made to emulate several standard Offset Press ink sets.

  • Default. This selection is good for general purpose rendering of CMYK data. It is designed to render photographs well, while at the same time providing rich saturated colors for text and graphics.

  • Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP). Common ink standard in the U.S. and other locations.

  • Euroscale. Common ink standard in Europe and other locations.

  • Dainippon Ink and Chemical (DIC). Common ink standard in Japan and other locations.

  • Device. Emulation is turned off. To render photographs properly with this selection, images require color management in the application or operating system.

Use the SWOP or EURO emulation of CMYK inks to achieve the best match of PANTONE® four-color (4C) process colors from PANTONE®-certified applications, depending on the swatch book used.

HP 3550 3700 CMYK ink set emulation (PostScript only)