Information tab

Managing the printer

Information tab

The Information pages group consists of the following pages.

  • Device Status. This page displays the printer status and shows the life remaining of HP supplies, with 0 percent indicating that a supply is empty. The page also shows the type and size of print paper set for each tray. To change the default settings, click Change Settings.

  • Configuration page. This page shows the information found on the printer Configuration page.

  • Supplies Status. This page shows the life remaining of HP supplies, with 0 percent indicating that a supply is empty. This page also provides supplies part numbers. To order new supplies, click Order Supplies in the Other Links area on the left side of the window. To visit any website, you must have Internet access.

  • Event log. This page shows a list of all printer events and errors.

  • Usage page. This page shows a summary of the number of pages the printer has printed, grouped by size and type.

  • Device Information. This page also shows the printer network name, address, and model information. To change these entries, click Device Information on the Settings tab.

  • Control Panel. Displays messages from the printers control panel, for example Ready or PowerSave.

HP 3550 3700 Information tab