Printing on custom-size paper

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Printing on custom-size paper

The printer supports single-sided printing and manual duplexing on custom-size paper. Tray 1 supports paper sizes from 76 by 127 mm (3 by 5 inches) to 216 by 356 mm (8.5 by 14 inches).

When printing on custom-size paper, if Tray 1 is configured in the printer control panel as TRAY X TYPE= ANY TYPE and TRAY X SIZE= ANY SIZE, the printer will print on whatever paper is loaded in the tray.

Some software applications and printer drivers allow you to specify custom paper-size dimensions. Be sure to set the correct paper size in both the page setup and print dialog boxes. If your software does not allow this, specify the custom paper-size dimensions in the Paper handling menu of the printer control panel. See Paper handling menu for more information.

If your software application requires you to calculate margins for custom-size paper, see the online Help for that application.

HP 3550 3700 Printing on custom-size paper