Heavy paper

Printing tasks

Heavy paper

  • Any tray will print most heavy media that does not exceed 105 g/m2 (28 lb bond).

  • Use cardstock only in Tray 1 135 g/m2 to 166 g/m2 (50 to 61 lb cover).

  • In either the software application or the printer driver, select HEAVY106 g/m2 to 163 g/m2 (28 to 43 lb bond) or CARDSTOCK 135 g/m2 to 166 g/m2 (50 to 61 lb cover) as the media type, or print from a tray that is configured for heavy paper. Because this setting affects all print jobs, it is important to return the printer back to its original settings once the job has printed. See Configuring trays.


In general, do not use paper that is heavier than the media specification recommended for this printer. Doing so can cause misfeeds, paper jams, reduced print quality, and excessive mechanical wear. However, some heavier media, such as HP Cover Stock, can be safely used.

HP 3550 3700 Heavy paper