Printing envelopes

Printing tasks

Printing envelopes

  1. If Tray 1 is configured for a specific size, use the printer control panel to set the paper size for Tray 1 to match the size envelope you are printing.

  2. Specify Tray 1 or select the paper source by size in the printer driver.

  3. If your software does not automatically format an envelope, specify Landscape for page orientation in your software application or printer driver. Use the guidelines in the table that follows to set margins for return and destination addresses on Commercial #10 or DL envelopes.


    For envelopes of other sizes, adjust the margin settings appropriately.

  4. Select Print from the software application or printer driver.

Address type Left margin Top margin
Return 15 mm (0.6 inches) 15 mm (0.6 inches)
Destination 102 mm (4.0 inches) 51 mm (2.0 inches)
HP 3550 3700 Printing envelopes