Control panel overview

Control panel

Control panel overview

The control panel provides control of printer functions and communicates information about the printer and print jobs. Its display provides graphic information about printer and supplies status, making it easy to identify and correct problems.

Control panel buttons and lights
HP 3550 3700 wa cp Control panel overview

1 help (HP 3550 3700 questionmark Control panel overview) button
2 back arrow (HP 3550 3700 arrow left Control panel overview) button
3 ready light
4 menu button
5 data light
6 attention light
7 stop button
8 down arrow (HP 3550 3700 arrow down Control panel overview) button
9 select (HP 3550 3700 checkmark Control panel overview) button
10 up arrow (HP 3550 3700 arrow up Control panel overview) button
11 print cartridge level indicator
12 display

The printer communicates through the display and the lights on the lower part of the control panel. The Ready, Data, and Attention lights provide at-a-glance information about the state of the printer, and they alert you to printing problems. The display shows more complete status information, as well as menus, help information, and error messages.

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HP 3550 3700 Control panel overview