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HP Web Jetadmin

HP Web Jetadmin allows you to manage HP Jetdirect-connected printers within your intranet using a browser. HP Web Jetadmin is a browser-based management tool and should be installed only on the network administrator’s computer. It can be installed and run on a variety of systems.

To download a current version of HP Web Jetadmin and for the latest list of supported host systems, visit HP Customer Care Online at http://www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin.

When installed on a host server, any client can access HP Web Jetadmin using a supported Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x or later) by browsing to the HP Web Jetadmin host.

HP Web Jetadmin 6.5 and above have the following features:

  • Task-oriented user interface provides configurable views, saving network managers significant time.

  • Customizable user profiles let network administrators include only the function viewed or used.

  • Instant e-mail notification of hardware failure, low supplies, and other printer problems now route to different people.

  • Remote installation and management from anywhere using only a standard Web browser.

  • Advanced autodiscovery locates peripherals on the network, so the network administrator does not need to manually enter each printer into a database.

  • Simple integration into enterprise management packages.

  • Quickly find peripherals based on parameters such as IP address, color capability, and model name.

  • Easily organize peripherals into logical groups, with virtual office maps for easy navigation.

For the latest information about HP Web Jetadmin go to http://www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin.

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